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Cultivate A Professional Team
Release time:2010/4/2 15:55:06

Cultivate A Professional Team

---together-learing of Best Way and two brother companies

On Apr.9th to 10th ,2010, BEST WAY company held two days’ training and learning at KaiYue hotel together with two brother companies --ZhiYou and ZhongChuan in WenZhou city,this is the second series training and learning for all the staffs of BestWay in 2010.

Three leaders paid serious attention to this study, though they were very busy at that time,no one was absent from the two days’ learing.Instead they listened to the teacher very carefully from beginning to end with all the ataffs.

During the two days’ learing, we were sapareted into seven groups , besides, there were games interaction before each lesson..Around the concept “professional team”,the tacher gave us the easy-understanding annotation, refer to professional concept、professional attitude、professional communication and pofessional team sprit,from simple to difficult, the content extend in cumulative progression, let us benefit a lot from this training.

After the learning,all the staffs agreed that they got a deeper understanding about capacity and disposition in life and work, clear about their deficiency, the aim and effect required in the future.


        2010年4月9—10日,温州贝威贸易有限公司连同芝友机电、中川环境两家公司在市区某酒店开展两天的培训学习,这是贝威贸易公司2010年组织的第二次全员系统培训学习,是在上一次3月份 “户外拓展培训”基础上的延伸。










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